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March 20, 2009

John William Swain b1893 Draft Card

World War 1 Draft Registration Card of John William Swain, my great-grandfather.

1) Name in Full: John William Swain Home

2) Address: Munday, TX

3) Date of Birth: March 28, 1893

4) Citizenship: Natural Born Citizen

5) Where were you born: Weatherford, TX

7) Present occupation: Farmer

8) By whom are you employed: Myself

9) Dependents?: Wife & One Child

10) Married: Married Race: Caucasion

11) Past Military Service: None

12) Exempt from draft?: -----

Registrar's Report:

1) Tall, medium, or short? Tall

Slender, Medium, or stout? Medium

2) Color of eyes? Gray

Color of Hair? light

Bald? ------

3) Disabilities? None

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