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March 11, 2009

Margaret Detheridge (wife of Milus Swain)

Margaret Detheridge was a brick wall for a very long time. Although we had birth and death dates for her we could not find her family. She passed away in 1895 leaving several children for her husband, Milus to raise. My great-grandfather was the youngest of the children, being just 3 years old when she died. After much research I came across a site by Ric Tobin entitled: Deatheridge: The first four generations in America. After corresponding with I came to the conclusion that the Margaret he had record of was the same Margaret that married my Milus Swain.

How I linked Margaret Detheridge to her parents John M. and Lydia McCollum:
This website linked me to a record of a Detheridge in McNairy, TN in 1880. This family had no record of having a Margaret since by this time she was already married. It linked this same family back 10 years to Mississippi where Margaret was in the census record.
1) Coincidence - Only family in McNairy, TN with the last name of Detheridge in 1880 had a daughter named Margaret. Not on 1880 census with the family since she was married, but on a Mississippi census in 1870. Her family would most likely have been in McNairy, TN as she only married 2 years prior.
2) Margaret's children in the 1900 census (after she was already dead) mention that her birth place was Mississippi. A possibility since she had actually lived in Mississippi before she married Milus.
3) The Swain family moved to Parker Co, TX. A brother of Margaret's also moved to Parker Co, TX. - From correspondence with Ric Tobin

From these three things I deduce that Margaret is a daughter of John M. Detheridge and Lydia McCollum.
1860 Roane Co., TN, federal census
1870 Alcorn Co., MS, federal census
1880 McNairy Co., TN, federal census

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