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May 20, 2014

The Grave of Milus Swain

Floydada, Floyd, Texas Cemetery, gravestone of my 3rd great grandfather Milus Swain. memorial is found here where this picture is found: Milus Swain Memorial 

To learn more about what the inscriptions on this headstone mean I've written about it here:

His first wife is buried in the Authon Cemetery in Parker County, Texas. Her memorial is found on here: Margaret Detheridge Swain Memorial

She had six of Milus' seventeen children, the youngest being my great-grandfather.

His second wife, Katherine Stimpson Swain is buried next to him in the 
Floydada Cemetery in Floyd, TX. Her memorial on is here: Katie Swain Memorial

May 19, 2014

Passport of Howes Swain from 1797

"May it please your excellency, 

W Joseph Gaterskill of ___ will wait on your excellency to sollicit a passport from Dover to London for Captain Howes Swain of Nantucket safely arrived from Calais. 

We beg leave to represent Capt Swain to be a native and citizen of the United States of America.

With the greatest respect 
we are yr. excellency's
most obed. ____
Thos Dickason __

____friar, London
Novem 21 1797"

Not sure how this Howes Swain relates to my line, but found this passport application from 1797 and thought it was cool. According to what people have entered into a search for a Howes Swain brings up this individual: 

  • Howes Swain

  • 7 August 1768 – 25 February 1802 (Family Search # KH95-VBQ). He looks to be a descendent (by 5 generations or so) of John Swain, son of Richard Swain of Nantucket.