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April 3, 2016

Swain References from texts The North Carolina historical and genealogical register by James Robert Bent Hathaway

Patience Speller, of Bertie. February 3, 1738-9; February Court, 
1738-'9; son James Swain, daughter Patience, daughter Ann Ward, 
son Thomas Speller, son Richard Swain's, eldest daughter, three 
grandchildren Sarah, John and Elizabeth Smithwick; Richard 
Swain's eldest son William, son James Swain, and son Thomas 
Speller, Executors
Stephen Swaine, of Chowan. January 24, 1712; sons James, John and Richard, daughter Eliza Spruill, wife Patience, daughters Mary and Patience.
George Swain, and wife Esther, to George Chambers. 100 acres land; March 10, 1702. Test, Will Keeton, Leonard Loftin. , Jt! 
Thomas Hawkins, to Thomas Wiley. Tract of land on ye South Shore, between Jno. Swaine and the Tarkill Branch, and bounded betwixt James Long's line and that of James Smith. 26 January, 1709-'10. Test, Lenoard Loftin, James Long
Ordered, that John Swain be overseer of the Highway in room of James Ward. 
John Swain comes into Court, acknowledges having received his portion of his father's estate, and discharges his Guardian. Ordered, that Henry Speller take into custody remaining part of the estate belonging to the rest of the children, of the deceased, he giving security next Court.
Henry Speller, guardian of the children of Stephen Swaine, give bond in the sum of 26()£, with James Ward and Patrick Eggerton sureties, for estate commiUed to his trust 
John Swain, to Thomas Swain. 130 acres at the head o? Thos. Hawkins' land; April 14, 1716. Test, John Worley, Thomas Long, Wm. Fryley. (Washington County.)    
Perquimans Precinct, Oct. 11, 1709: In the Upper House, Thomas Cary, President, John Porter, Francis Foster, Gabriel Newby, John Hawkins, Esqs., Lords Deputies. In the House of Burgesses, Capt. Nicholas Crisp, Stephen Swaine, James Beasley, Thomas CJark, Isaac Wilson, Timothy Cleare, Thomas Pearce, Saml. Nicholson, John Barrow, Cornelius Jones, Robert Morgan, John Norton, Caleb Bundy, Augustine Scarbrough, Joseph Wicker, Benj. Tulle, Wm. Nicholson, John Hodgson, William Stafford, Capt. Collingwood Wood, George Birkenhead, Capt. William Barrow, Capt. Emanuel Cleaves, Levi Truewhite, William Hancock   
Simonds, Jacob, of Shallotte, Xew Hanover, Feb'y 4th, 1735-6; June, 1736. Sons John and Jacob, daughter Mary, wife Mary, Jon- athan Swain Executor. Test, Phebe Miller, Thomas Hosscraft, Jehoshaphat Hollands 
Swain, John, Tyrrell, April 6, 1749 ; Dec. 5th, 1749. Grand-son John son of Jeremiah), daughters Elizabeth Mary Hooker, Susanna Rhodes and Roxanna Swain, daughter Martha, wife Mary. Test, Jos. Spruell, Sr., Joshua Chesson, Margaret Jenkins. 
Swain, William, Tyrrell, Sept. 15th, 1752. March Court 1753. 
Brothers John, James and Stephen, mother Mary Swain Executrix. 
Test, Joseph Spruell, Wm. Rhodes. 

Swain, Jeremiah, June 28, 1746. Sept. Court 1746. Wife Mary 
Executrix, son John, brother James. Test, John Swain, Wm. Tar- 
kinton, Mary West.  
Spruell, Hezekiah and Elizabeth Price. Feb'y 22, James Swain. 
John Swain, and wife Mary, to John Porter. A tract of land bought by my father, Stephen Swain, of Col. William Wilkinson, on the fork of Yoppim River; Dec. 3, 1718. Test, John Falconer, Jas. Ward, George Fordyce. 
Same, to same. A tract of land on Creek Fork, of Yoppim River, 300 acres; Dec. 3, 1718. Test, same as above deed. 
Samuel Spruell, to James Swain. 300 acres West side Scupper-nong River; April 1st, 1719. Test, Robert Calf, Robert HUcks.   
John Swain. Book VIII, page 122, October 19, 1716; 300 acres on the creek fork of Yoppim River. 
George Clarke, of Bertie. February 5, 1723-4, July 31. 1724; Thomas Taylor, son of Jonathan, Jno. Swain's eldest son, wife Elizabeth Clarke

The North Carolina historical and genealogical register

September 6, 2015

The Will of William W. Swain Sr. (with images of the original will)

I have wanted to see the actual will of William W. Swain Sr. for as long as I've been interested in family history. The first time I entered his name in a search engine 15 years ago and discovered the amount of information on the internet about the Swain family I also found a transcription of William's will. I couldn't, however, seem to get my hands on an actual copy, and the more I researched this family the more questions I had about the will. So when sent a couple emails this week about their new wills and probate records that are now online I couldn't wait to see if perhaps my William Swain's will was in their collection! Sure enough SUCCESS!!

This will belongs to William W. Swain who was born around 1783 in North Carolina, married Rebecca Williamson in Georgia in 1808 and then moved to Lincoln, Henderson, and finally McNairy, Tennessee. He lived in McNairy for nearly 30 years. There has been much confusion about this William W. Swain's children. Some have said his son William who was named in this will was born in 1800 and married a Rachel Anderson. This will further proves that his son William is actually the William Swain born in 1826 that married Mary Martha Caroline Alexander. (see page 3 of the will). It also was written in 1861 (probably right after his wife Rebecca died) NOT 1871 which would explain why his sons William and Edwin were still listed on the original will. Both died after 1861. There are also 3 additions to the original will. The one that is most interesting to me is the one where he mentions his deceased son William and lists the remaining heirs of his son's household (which are the children of William and Mary Alexander Swain).  He also names the wife of his deceased son William. (YAY for more proof!!!)

From this will it's safe to say that:
WW Swain, son of William & Rebecca Williamson Swain, married a Mary [Alexander] and had the following children:
Cornelia [Sarah P C Swain], Deonitia [Nancy D L Swain], Milus, William H., Permilla.

I love original records!! Here are updated transcriptions of each of the pages of the will.
Here's the link to the file on Will of William W. Swain Sr. of McNairy, Tennessee

In the name of God. Amen.
I William Swain Sr. of the County of McNairy and State of Tennessee, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all other and former wills by me at any time heretofore made.

First - I direct that my funeral expenses and all my just debts be paid as soon as possible out of any moneys of which I may die possessed or which may first come into the hands of my executor herein after named.

Secondly - I will and bequeath to my daughters, Lucinda Brown, Patsey Melton, Sylvania Page, Vernetta Brown, and Matilda Graves, to their sole and separate use, free from the debts of their husbands all the real estate of which I may die seized, to be equally divided between them. To have and to hold said lands after and during their natural lives and at their death to go to their children.

Thirdly - I will and direct that all the personal property of which I may die possessed shall be sold and the proceeds divided as follows, to each of my said daughters, named in the 2nd clause of this will I give the sum of two hundred dollars if living or if any of them be dead then the children of such of one dead to have the share to which their mother would have been entitled if living. The balance to be divided

 amongst all my children, except that the share of my son E.C. Swain shall be chargeable with the sum of fifty dollars (which sum I have recently paid as security for him) and the share of my son Wm W. Swain shall be chargeable with the sum of forty dollars , for a waggon, which sums shall be deducted from the respective shares of said EC and WW Swain and the fifty dollars to go to Patsey Melton and the forty dollars to be divided amongst all my said daughters.

Fourthly - I have heretofore given to my sons WW Swain, EC Swain, and RP Swain in land and other property what I consider an equal share of my estate and direct that they receive nothing more, except as above in the third clause of this will, I considering what they have already received an equal share with my said daughters.

Lastly - I hereby nominate and appoint my sons WW Swain & RP Swain executors of this my last will and testament given under my hand and seal 19th September 1861.
William W. Swain seal

Signed sealed and published in our presence and we have hereto set our hands as witnesses in the presence of the testator and at his request date above written.
Witness: Calvin Shull [or Spruill??]
Alfred Moore

 I hereby execute this as a codicil to the foregoing will to wit, I give and devise to the children of WW Swain decd to wit, Cornelia, Deonitia, MILUS, William H and Permilla Swain the one hundred acres of which I have permitted my son the said WW Swain to cultivate lying adjoining his , and being the one hundred acres on which I formerly lived, the widow of said WW Swain to have possession of the same during her life or widowhood 2nd Jany 1866.
William W. Swain  x his mark

Signed and published in our presence and we have subscribed our names as witnesses in the presence and at the request of the testator.
J.F. McKinney
W.D. Jopling

I hereby execute this as a 2nd codicil to the foregoing will, to wit, I consider that I have given to Matilda Graves my daughter and her children their full share of my estate and my will and desire is that my said daughter Matilda and her children shall have nothing more of my estate either of real or personal property. This 24th day of Decbr 1866
William W. Swain x his mark

Signed and published in our presence and we have subscribed our names as witnesses in the presence and at the request of the testator date above.
J.F. McKinney
GM Moore

 I hereby execute this as a 3rd codicil to my last will and testament to wit, the tract of land which I have given to my son W.W. Swain, I direct shall be rented out after my death until the rent shall amount to one hundred dollars, (my said son WW Swain owing me this amount) said sum to be equally divided as before provided in my said will and codicils, said land after the payment of said sum to give to Mary Swain widow of W.W. Swain during his life or widowhood and at her death to the children of said WW Swain and their heirs forever.
William W. Swain  x his mark

Signed sealed and published in our presence this 23rd day of July 1867
Witness: C Shull,CG _______

William Swain Sr.
Will & Testament

Entered Oct Term 1871
pages 695-6-697

The within will with the several codices was proven by the subscribed witnesses & _____ in open court Oct term 1871.

July 20, 2015

W.A. Swain of Manlyville, Henry County, Tennessee

These are the stories you hope to find about your relatives. This one isn't a story about one of mine (that I know of), but it's worth sharing anyway. 

This story was written in the Nashville Union and Dispatch (Nashville, Tenn) on October 27, 1867 and can be found at this link: 

This is what's said: 
"On Thursday, September 26, while Mr. W.A. Swain, of Manlyville, Henry County, Tenn was drawing a bucket of water from a well sixty feet deep, with ten feet water, his little son Henry, an interesting child of three summers, was suddenly precipitated into the well, in which as is sometimes the case, two buckets are used. The child, it is thought, impressed with the idea of assisting his father, had, unnoticed, taken hold of the descending rope, and was thus instantly jerked over the curbing of the well. The first intimation Mr. Swain had of the casualty was seeing the child falling head foremost and striking against the bucket. 

The feelings of the parents may well be imagined. There was no time for reflection. The peril of the child called for prompt, heroic action. In a moment, quick as thought, Mr. Swain seizes the well rope, and follows his child, determined to save him or share his watery bed. In another moment, he finds his child, convulsively presses him to his bosom, and rises with feelings of triumphant joy to the surface of the water. Here he sustains himself till preparations are made for raising him securely out of the wall. This was soon and safely done. The child suffered no injuries other than a few bruises, and when brought to the surface of the water, with great coolness and presence of mind he inquired for his hat, which he had lost in the fall. We dare say that such an occurrence with similar gratifying results, has no parallel."

February 20, 2015

Revolutionary War Land Grants in McNairy, Tennessee

All these random Swain posts I'm hoping will someday help me. I'm definitely in an information gathering phase, clamoring to find any sort of lead that might help me figure out my family. My thought is all this information may help me sort out the Swains in Tennessee and shed further light on my family.

Last weekend I went to the Rootstech and FGS conference in Salt Lake. I couldn't leave a family history conference without at least spending a few hours at the Family History Library. These land grants of Swains were in McNairy, TN and although they are spelled differently they could provide a little more information.

Be it noted that these are transcriptions and I have not seen the actual record:

NO 1797 Joseph Swane -- assignee of James Keith by virtue of entry warrant NO 1647 dated Sept 22th 1824 for 15 acres of land from the register of east Tennessee enters the same in the 9th district 4th range & 4th section beginning 34 poles west & 154 poles south of north east corner of said section running south 69 poles and east for complement. April 25th 1825. B. Wright, Loc

NO 1802 John Swane -- assignee for Andrew Brown by virtue of register of west Tennessee warrant NO 6710 for 8 acres of land enters the same 9th district 4th range and 4th section beginning 132 poles east & 12 poles south of the south east corner of a 15 acres entry NO 1801 entered in the name of John Swane runs east 46 poles and south for complement. -- April 25th 1825

From the Book Occupant and Revolutionary War Land Grants and Claims Starting with 1824; Compiled by Barbara Sanford Guess. FHL Library US/CAN 976.829 R2g

February 18, 2015

Deed of Sale for William W. Swain Sr.

I found this deed transcript as I was doing some research at the Family History Library over the weekend:
McNairy County Deed Book A pp 242 & 243.

State of Tennessee
McNairy County:
Know all men by these presents that I John Williams for the sum of $40.45 to me in hand paid by William Swain of Henderson county the receipt is hereby acknowledged have sold (p.243) unto said William Swain the here named to wit 1 horse & saddle 1 sow & calf 5 head of hogs 1 plow and farming gearr 1 chopping axe & 3 weeding hoes 1 cotton wheel 2 feather beds and furniture one pot oven and skillet 1 iron shovell 1 looking glass 1 dining table 1 dish & 2 pitchers 1 check reel waving loom five head of ___ in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this January 31st 1834.                                                                             John Williams (Seal)
Test Francis Beard 
A. Brown

State of Tennessee
McNairy County: 
Personally appeared before me Maelis Cross clerk of the circuit court Francis Beard a subscribing witness to the within bill of sale from John Williams to William Swain and said witness after being duly sworn saith that he saw the assignor sign the same as heard him acknowledge the same to be his set and deed given under my hand at office this March 25th 1834. 
                                                                                       Maelis Cross clerk

A few things strike me as interesting regarding this deed. I'd really like to find the original record. The first thing I find interesting is how much stuff he is buying! I'd imagine this would be normal if he was moving counties or changing residences, but in 1834, when this deed is dated, he had been living in Henderson already for 6 years and would not be relocating to McNairy for another 6. All of his children were also already born, the youngest being around 8. Of course it is possible that William could have built a new residence and needed more furniture and wanted to increase the number of his livestock, but it just seems like there must have been some other catalyst to purchase this many items. 

This deed also makes me wonder who this John Williams is. Obviously, where William is a resident of Henderson and John is a resident of McNairy there would have to be some previous relationship between the two of them - either family or an old neighbor or childhood friend. 

The only other notable event that was happening around this time [that I know of] was the marriages of some of William's children. Several of his children had been married between 1828-1834 and I believe Edwin, his first born son, was actually married in 1834. I suppose parents of that age could have been like parents of today, helping their children get the start they need as they begin their own family life.

Anyway, this document is interesting both for what he is buying and when he is buying it. It gives us some clues to continue our search and increase our information about William Swain of Lincoln and Henderson and McNairy counties of Tennessee.

February 10, 2015

Swains in the War of 1812

As I was researching the Swains who fought in the War of 1812 today I came across this:

Swain,Joshua, “1814 Nov. 17,” The War of 1812 in the Collections of the Lilly Library, accessed January 29, 2015,

"Camp at Billingsport Novr 17th 1814
To the Quarter Guard you are hereby directed to keep the following named persons on the following charges until regularly discharged agreeable to the sentence of a court martial to wit.
Samuel  Warrick for desertion from Camp Novr 5th
John Conover for desertion same date
                                            Joshua Swain - Captain"

So what Swains actually fought in the War of 1812? Normal online searches for war records are always a little overwhelming for me. I never know if I'm looking at the same record over and over again or if they are actually different enlistments. I found on a database of all the enlistments for the War, arranged alphabetically by surname. I added the Swaims and the Swaine's although I wonder if I should be adding Swans or McSwains too as a few times these names get interchanged. This database can be found here:

Swaim, Benjamin, Sergeant; Richmond County Battalion (Conner's), New York Militia. 
Swaim, Elias, Private; Major Andruss' Detachment (1812), New Jersey Militia. 
Swaim, Elias, Private (originally filed under Swain, Elias); 2nd reg't Artillery, US Vols. (from New York) (Col. Samuel Hawkins)
Swaim, Jacob C., Private, Sergeant (originally filed under Swain, Jacob C); 1 Reg't Art'y (Sticher's), New York Vols. 
Swaim, Jacob C., Private; 2 Regiment (Mapes'), New York Militia.
Swaim, John, Private; 7 Reg't (Pearson's). North Carolina Mil. Image 
Swaim, Joseph, Private, Corporal; 1 Reg't (MacArthur's), Ohio Vols. and Mil. Image 
Swaim, Marshal, Private; Richmond County Battalion (Conner's). New York Militia. Image 
Swaim, Michael, 2 Luitenant) 7 Reg't (Pearson's) North Carolina Mil.
Swaim, Mortimus, Private;  Richmond County Battalion (Conner's). New York Militia. Image 
Swaim, William, 1 Leutinant, Captain; 3 Artillery Regiment. New York.
Swaime, Elias, Private (original filed under Swaine, Elias) ; 2nd Reg't Artillery, U.S. Vols.

Swain, Anson, Private; 121 Reg't (Stewart's), New York Militia. Image 460
Swain, Anthon, Private; 121 Reg't (Stewart's), New York Militia. Image 461
Swain, Benjamin, Boatswain; Sea Fencibles, United States Volunteers Image 462
Swain, Benjamin, Private, 2 Reg't (Patterson's) Pennsylvania Mil. Image 463
Swain, Calvin, Chaplain, 121 Reg't (Stewart's), New York Militia. Image 464. 
See "Brooklyn's Founder" for more information on Calvin Swain
Swain, Charles E, Private (see also James Gee), 6 Reg't (Sharp's) Virginia Militia
Swain, Charles W, Sergeant; Detachment Art'y (Bleecker's), New York (See also Charles W. Swaine)
Swain, Charles W. Sergeant; 3 Artillery Regiment, New York (See also Detachment Arty. (Bleeker's) N.Y.
Swain, Dudley L. Private, 2 Reg't (Waugh, Jr's) Massachussets Mil. Image 468
Swain, Elias, Private (see also Swaim, Elias); Major Andruss' Detachment (1812). New Jersey Militia. Image 469
Swain, Elias, Private, 1 Reg't (Dodd's) New Jersey Militia. image 470
Swain, Elias, Private, 3 Regiment U.S. Volunteers (From New York) (Lieut Col Alexander Denniston)
Swain, Elican, Private, 1 Reg't (Flower's) North Carolina Militia (See also Swaine, Elican)
Swain, Elyme, Private (original filed under Swain, Ezra), 121 Reg't (Stewart's), New York Militia. image 473
Swain, Ezra, Private. 121 Reg't (Stewart's), New York Militia. image 474
Swain, George, Private; Major King's Detachment, District of Columbia Militia. Image 475
Swain, Henry, Private; 10 Regiment (Barbour's), Mounted, Kentucky Vols. Image 476
Swain, Henry, Lieutenant; 17 Reg't (Beall's) Maryland Militia Image 477
Swain, Hiram, Sergeant; 2 Reg't  (Patterson's) Pennsylvania Mil.
Swain, Horace, Private; 16 Reg't (Stranahan's), New York Militia
Swain, Horace, Private; 18 Reg't (Dobbin's). New York Militia
Swain, Isaac; Thompson's Detachment, Pennsylvania Miliita
Swain, Isaiah, Drummer; Read's Battalion New Jersey Militia
Swain, Isaiah, Private; 4 Reg't (Washburn's) Massachussetts Mil.
Swain, Jacob, Private (Original filed under Swan, Jacob); Abraham's Reg't New Jersey Militia (Image 484)
Swain, Jacob, Private; Steven's Batt'n, New York Vols. and Mil. Image 485 & 486
Swain, Jacob, Corporal, 1 Reg't (Laight's), New York Militia
Swain, Jacob, Private; 6 Reg't (Merrill's) Massachussetts Militia
Swain, Jacob C., Private, Sergeant; 1 Reg't Art'y (Sitcher's), New York Vols
Swain, James, Lieutenant; Brunswick Reg't (Moore's) North Carolina Militia
Swain, James, Private; Col Claiborne's Reg't Mississippi Militia
Swain, James, Private; Youngblood's Reg't South Carolina Mil. Image 493
Swain, James, Private; 1 Reg't (Flower's) North Carolina Militia (See also James Swaine)
Swain, James, Private; 10 Reg't (Boswell's) Kentucky Militia
Swain, Jeremiah, Private; 1 Reg't (Fisk's) New Hampshire Militia
Swain, Jeremiah, Private; 3 Reg't (Dickinson's) Virginia Militia
Swain, Jeremiah, Private; 3 Reg't (Pew's), Georgia Militia
Swain, Jeremiah, Private; 5 Reg't Virginia Militia
Swain, Jesse, Private; Youngblood's Reg't South Carolina Mil. Image 499
Swain, Jesse, Private; 1 Reg't (Flower's) North Carolina Militia
Swain, Jesse, Private; 3 Reg't Sise's New Hampshire Militia
Swain, John, Seaman; Batt'n Sea Fencibles (Leonard's), New York (record of payroll on This ancestry 
              record states that this John Swain was borne as Swan and that he was discharged on 2 Nov 1814. He was in 
              service at  Fort Diamond, N.T. and paid from 10 Sep 1814-2 Nov 1814

Swain, John, Private; Brunswick Reg't (Moore's) North Carolina Militia
Swain, John Jr., Private; Waldron's Command, New Hampshire Mil
Swain, John, Lieutenant; Captain Willis' Company, Delaware
Swain, John, Private; 1 Reg't (Dodge's), New York Militia (See also Cromeline, Armond)
Swain, John, Private; 2 Regiment (Swift's) New York Militia
Swain, John, Sergeant; 2 Regiment (Zumalt's) Ohio Militia
Swain, John, Private; 51 Reg't (Amey's), Maryland Militia
Swain, John Jr., Private; 121Reg't (Stewart's), New York Militia (record of payroll on
Swain, John C., Hospital Attendants, Vermont
Swain, John S., Private; 17 Reg't (Beall's) Maryland Militia
Swain, Joseph, Private; 1 Reg't (McArthur's), Ohio Vols. and Mil.
Swain, Joseph, ----; 9 Reg't (1813) Delaware Militia
*Swain, Joshua, Captain; Howell's Regiment New Jersey Militia (See record above)
Swain, Joshua, Private; 1 Reg't (Flower's) North Carolina Militia
Swain, Joseph, Private; 1 Reg't (Taylor's) Virginia Militia
Swain, Josiah R, Private; 3 Reg't (Pew's) Georgia Militia
Swain, Levi, Private; Major Lillington's Detachment, North Carolina Militia
Swain, Matthias, Corporal; 2 Reg't (Seward's) New Jersey Militia 
Swain, Nathaniel, Private; Brimblecom's Reg't Massachussetts Mil.
Swain, Orlando, Private; Prior's Regiment, New York Militia
Swain, Paris, Private; Capt Stone Co. Cavalry, New York
Swain, Paris, Private; Swift's and Dobbin's Regiment (1814), New York Vols
Swain, Paris, Private; Cavalry Reg't (Willcock's), New York
Swain, Paris, Private; 12 Reg't Cavalry (Boughton's) New York Militia
Swain, Peter, Matross; Batt'n Art'y (Duscomb's), New York . (War of 1812)
Swain, Peter, Private; 1 Regiment (Dodge's), New York Militia
Swain, Richard, Private; 76 Reg't (Tucker's) New York Militia
Swain, Richard, Private; 76 Reg't (Tuttle's) New York Militia
Swain, Robert, Private; Consolidated Art'y and Infantry Reg't. New York Militia
Swain, Robert, Private; Captain Willis' Company, Delaware
Swain, Samuel, __; Keys' Regiment, Ohio Militia
Swain, Simeon, Private; 1 Reg't (Flower's) North Carolina Militia
Swain, Stephen, Private; 1 Reg't  (Flower's) North Carolina Militia
Swain, Sterling, Private; 4 Regiment (Booth's) Georgia Militia
Swain, Thomas, Waiter; 1 Brigade (McCobb's) Massachusset's Mil
Swain, Thomas, ___; 6 Reg't (Coleman's, January-May 1814), Virginia Militia. See also U.S. Service
Swain, Walter, Private, Sergeant; 2 Reg't (Snow's) Massachussetts Militia
Swain, William, Matross; Fleming's Detachment, New York Vols and Militia
Swain, William, Sergeant; 1 Reg't (Flower's) North Carolina Militia
Swain, William, Private; 1 Reg't (Flower's) North Carolina Militia
Swain, William, Private; 1 Regiment Rifleman (Humphrey's), Pennsylvania Militia (Original filed under McSwain, William)
Swain, William, Private; 9 Reg't (1813) Delaware Militia
Swain, William, Private; 10 Reg't (Boswell's) Kentucky Militia
Swain, William, Private; 17 Regiment (Beall's) Maryland Militia
Swain, William M, Private; 1 Regiment Rifleman (Humphrey's) Pennsylvania Militia (Original filed under McSwain, William)

Swaine, Jeremiah, Private; 4 Regiment Virginia Militia (Lieut Col. Lucas. Major Wills) (See also Swane, Jeremiah)
Swaine, John, Private; Battalion of Art'y (1813-1814), Virginia Mil
Swaine, Joshua, Private; 1 Reg't (Flower's) North Carolina Militia (See also Swain, Joshua)
Swaine, Levi, Private, Major Lillington's Detachment, North Carolina Militia (original filed under Swain, Levi)
Swaine, Simeon, Private; 1 Reg't (Flower's) North Carolina Militia (original under Swain, Simeon)
Swaine, William, Sergeant; 1 Reg't (Flower's) North Carolina Militia (original filed under Swain, William)
Swaine, William, Private; 1 Reg't (Flower's) North Carolina Militia (original filed under Swain, William)

I was hoping to find some of my Swain family members within the enlistment records; but alas, I could find no such connections without more research. I held the most hope in Tennessee and Georgia records but all 10 enlistments in Tennessee were of men with the last name of SWAN, and in Georgia only 3 of the 10 were SWAIN. It is interesting grouping the enlistments of all Swans, Swains and Swaims by state and regiment and seeing what individuals fought together. It makes you wonder if they were brothers who fought together or close relatives.

Along with listing the enlistments here in this post, I also made spreadsheet of the Swain and Swan names. On the fourth page of the spreadsheet you can see the Swains listed by state. If any of these Swains are your relatives email me. I'm curious to know whether they fought with their siblings, cousins, or other relation.

  Detailed Spreadsheat of Swains in War of 1812

October 5, 2014

The Detherages and Swains

Found this marriage record today of Margaret Detherage Swain's brother, J.M. Detherage. Guess who witnessed the marriage? . . . His brother-in-law, and my great-great grandpa, Milus Swain! This Detherage family was a brick wall for me for such a long time. I finally found a website that helped me link my great-great grandma, Margaret to her parents and siblings, but it was all circumstantial evidence. This is the first record I've seen that links her family with the Swains and verifies the connection between the two families.

 Although I felt confident in the relationship I had put together previously, this documents puts my mind at ease and provides concrete support that Margaret Deatherage, the sister of J.M. Deatherage, and the child of J.M. Deatherage is the Margaret Deatherage who married Milus Swain, my great-great grandfather.