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April 3, 2016

Swain References from texts The North Carolina historical and genealogical register by James Robert Bent Hathaway

Patience Speller, of Bertie. February 3, 1738-9; February Court, 
1738-'9; son James Swain, daughter Patience, daughter Ann Ward, 
son Thomas Speller, son Richard Swain's, eldest daughter, three 
grandchildren Sarah, John and Elizabeth Smithwick; Richard 
Swain's eldest son William, son James Swain, and son Thomas 
Speller, Executors
Stephen Swaine, of Chowan. January 24, 1712; sons James, John and Richard, daughter Eliza Spruill, wife Patience, daughters Mary and Patience.
George Swain, and wife Esther, to George Chambers. 100 acres land; March 10, 1702. Test, Will Keeton, Leonard Loftin. , Jt! 
Thomas Hawkins, to Thomas Wiley. Tract of land on ye South Shore, between Jno. Swaine and the Tarkill Branch, and bounded betwixt James Long's line and that of James Smith. 26 January, 1709-'10. Test, Lenoard Loftin, James Long
Ordered, that John Swain be overseer of the Highway in room of James Ward. 
John Swain comes into Court, acknowledges having received his portion of his father's estate, and discharges his Guardian. Ordered, that Henry Speller take into custody remaining part of the estate belonging to the rest of the children, of the deceased, he giving security next Court.
Henry Speller, guardian of the children of Stephen Swaine, give bond in the sum of 26()£, with James Ward and Patrick Eggerton sureties, for estate commiUed to his trust 
John Swain, to Thomas Swain. 130 acres at the head o? Thos. Hawkins' land; April 14, 1716. Test, John Worley, Thomas Long, Wm. Fryley. (Washington County.)    
Perquimans Precinct, Oct. 11, 1709: In the Upper House, Thomas Cary, President, John Porter, Francis Foster, Gabriel Newby, John Hawkins, Esqs., Lords Deputies. In the House of Burgesses, Capt. Nicholas Crisp, Stephen Swaine, James Beasley, Thomas CJark, Isaac Wilson, Timothy Cleare, Thomas Pearce, Saml. Nicholson, John Barrow, Cornelius Jones, Robert Morgan, John Norton, Caleb Bundy, Augustine Scarbrough, Joseph Wicker, Benj. Tulle, Wm. Nicholson, John Hodgson, William Stafford, Capt. Collingwood Wood, George Birkenhead, Capt. William Barrow, Capt. Emanuel Cleaves, Levi Truewhite, William Hancock   
Simonds, Jacob, of Shallotte, Xew Hanover, Feb'y 4th, 1735-6; June, 1736. Sons John and Jacob, daughter Mary, wife Mary, Jon- athan Swain Executor. Test, Phebe Miller, Thomas Hosscraft, Jehoshaphat Hollands 
Swain, John, Tyrrell, April 6, 1749 ; Dec. 5th, 1749. Grand-son John son of Jeremiah), daughters Elizabeth Mary Hooker, Susanna Rhodes and Roxanna Swain, daughter Martha, wife Mary. Test, Jos. Spruell, Sr., Joshua Chesson, Margaret Jenkins. 
Swain, William, Tyrrell, Sept. 15th, 1752. March Court 1753. 
Brothers John, James and Stephen, mother Mary Swain Executrix. 
Test, Joseph Spruell, Wm. Rhodes. 

Swain, Jeremiah, June 28, 1746. Sept. Court 1746. Wife Mary 
Executrix, son John, brother James. Test, John Swain, Wm. Tar- 
kinton, Mary West.  
Spruell, Hezekiah and Elizabeth Price. Feb'y 22, James Swain. 
John Swain, and wife Mary, to John Porter. A tract of land bought by my father, Stephen Swain, of Col. William Wilkinson, on the fork of Yoppim River; Dec. 3, 1718. Test, John Falconer, Jas. Ward, George Fordyce. 
Same, to same. A tract of land on Creek Fork, of Yoppim River, 300 acres; Dec. 3, 1718. Test, same as above deed. 
Samuel Spruell, to James Swain. 300 acres West side Scupper-nong River; April 1st, 1719. Test, Robert Calf, Robert HUcks.   
John Swain. Book VIII, page 122, October 19, 1716; 300 acres on the creek fork of Yoppim River. 
George Clarke, of Bertie. February 5, 1723-4, July 31. 1724; Thomas Taylor, son of Jonathan, Jno. Swain's eldest son, wife Elizabeth Clarke

The North Carolina historical and genealogical register

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