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February 20, 2015

Revolutionary War Land Grants in McNairy, Tennessee

All these random Swain posts I'm hoping will someday help me. I'm definitely in an information gathering phase, clamoring to find any sort of lead that might help me figure out my family. My thought is all this information may help me sort out the Swains in Tennessee and shed further light on my family.

Last weekend I went to the Rootstech and FGS conference in Salt Lake. I couldn't leave a family history conference without at least spending a few hours at the Family History Library. These land grants of Swains were in McNairy, TN and although they are spelled differently they could provide a little more information.

Be it noted that these are transcriptions and I have not seen the actual record:

NO 1797 Joseph Swane -- assignee of James Keith by virtue of entry warrant NO 1647 dated Sept 22th 1824 for 15 acres of land from the register of east Tennessee enters the same in the 9th district 4th range & 4th section beginning 34 poles west & 154 poles south of north east corner of said section running south 69 poles and east for complement. April 25th 1825. B. Wright, Loc

NO 1802 John Swane -- assignee for Andrew Brown by virtue of register of west Tennessee warrant NO 6710 for 8 acres of land enters the same 9th district 4th range and 4th section beginning 132 poles east & 12 poles south of the south east corner of a 15 acres entry NO 1801 entered in the name of John Swane runs east 46 poles and south for complement. -- April 25th 1825

From the Book Occupant and Revolutionary War Land Grants and Claims Starting with 1824; Compiled by Barbara Sanford Guess. FHL Library US/CAN 976.829 R2g

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