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October 5, 2014

The Detherages and Swains

Found this marriage record today of Margaret Detherage Swain's brother, J.M. Detherage. Guess who witnessed the marriage? . . . His brother-in-law, and my great-great grandpa, Milus Swain! This Detherage family was a brick wall for me for such a long time. I finally found a website that helped me link my great-great grandma, Margaret to her parents and siblings, but it was all circumstantial evidence. This is the first record I've seen that links her family with the Swains and verifies the connection between the two families.

 Although I felt confident in the relationship I had put together previously, this documents puts my mind at ease and provides concrete support that Margaret Deatherage, the sister of J.M. Deatherage, and the child of J.M. Deatherage is the Margaret Deatherage who married Milus Swain, my great-great grandfather.

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