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July 26, 2014

Georgia Headright and Bounty Land Records, 1783-

I came across a record a few days ago that showed a James Swain was given land in 1784 in Franklin County, GA. This rang a bell for me, as the William and John Swain we find in McNairy in the 1830s and 1840s were in Franklin, GA around 1806-1808. Both were on tax records there and I have found William's marriage record in Franklin, GA in 1808.

I wanted to learn more about what heads of families were given land in Georgia so I went to this collection on Family Search: Georgia Headright and Bounty Land Records, 1783-1909 . This is what I found (the Swain files start on image 97).

1) Darling Swain, Emmanuel County, GA, 900 acres, April 1853 (witnessed by Eld Swain)
    Darling Swain, Emmanuel County, GA, 550 acres, Jan 1848
2) Eldread Swain, Emmanuel County, GA, 1000 acres "where Canneth Swain lived", Jan 1836
3) George Swain, Jackson County, GA, 650 acres, July 1859
4) Stephen Swain, Emmanuel County, GA, 200 acres, May 1818
      200 acres, "where Sherod Swain now lives", June 1798
      400 acres, May 1818
5) William Swain, Emmanuel County, GA, 200 acres, Feb 1851
      Glynn County, GA 250 acres, 3 Nov 1795
      Glynn County, GA 200 acres 8 Nov 1795
6) James Swan, Franklin, GA, 287 acres, May 1784, bounty land
7) John Swan, Franklin, GA, 150 acres, June 1796, headright
8) Equilla Swan, Wilkes, GA, 100 acres, May 1787

Unfortuantely, the James Swain I was looking for was a James Swan. His file was still interesting as it had this little bit of information about him.

John Swan's file was of note as his name was written in one place as "Swane'. 1796 was the year William is recorded to have moved to Georgia as well.

Alas, we keep looking and hoping that we'll stumble across the right information that may lead us to the right parents of William Swain.

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