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March 7, 2014

Settlement of Estate Records for the William W. Swain's of McNairy

Here are two documents that don't give us any new information, necessarily, but they are interesting.

R.P. Swain was the only son living when William W. Swain Senior died in 1871. R.P. became executor of his will and settlement occured on the 2 day of October 1871.  Although I have record of a will of William W Swain's that was presented in open court, and the names and dates in that will all match up with William's children, this document says that he died, leaving no will. Perhaps his will didn't hold up in court? Not quite sure what that means.

J.R Swain was not only a witness for this settlement but the settlement of William Swain Jr as well (see below). I believe John R. is the son of William Swain and Rachel Anderson, which adds to the evidence that there is some close family connection between the two.

It doesn't look like William Swain Jr. left a will either. Here, John R., Mary C. Swain, and W.R. Pyron are all administrators of W.W. Swain's estate. Settlement occured the 4 December 1865.

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